January 16. 2020

Meet us @ Sydsjællands Reptilmesse Næstved 2/2-2020

Meet us at the fair!!
I'll sell giganteum. Philippinicum and if preordered monteithi

January 16. 2020

Right now I'm breeding two giganteum males!


July 20. 2018

Monteithi Mating

Finaly I succeded to time males and females!
I just added a a picture of the first mating
Link: Monteithi Mating

August 5. 2018

Meet us @ Sydsjællands Reptilmesse


March 25. 2016

Monteithi transformation

I just added a a picture series of a transformation from L4 to L5
Link: L4 to L5 transformation

May 2016

Meet us @ Reptilmessen i Rødovre

August 11th 2015

Ph. Monteithi
Today my first Ph. monteithi female reached adult.
Thanks ti Jack Hasenpush for doing the paperwork to ship
legal out of Australia.

May 25th 2015

August 15th 2015

Meet at Roskildemessen August 15th 2015
Pre-order by e-mail and pick up at the fair
Link: Roskildemessen 2015

May 25th 2015

New shipment of eggs received from Australia.
Jack Hasenpush at The Australian Insect Farm
is licenced to export legal from Austalia.
I recommend The Australian Insect Farm!

May 2nd 2015

Meet at Rødovremessen May 2nd 2015
Table 287-288

May 1st 2015

Only one female left

April 6th 2015

My third male in fourth generation is now subadult
I just added a picture in the giganteum page
My first fifth generation giganteum hatched yesterday

March 2015

My adult male has passed away without meeting an adult felmale
Unfortunately my largest female nymph died short after moulting to L5

November 27. 2014

A new nymph appeared today, three month later than the first hatching
Never give up on your eggs..

November 27. 2014

Today I received 40 eggs from wild females
Thanks to Sharon Cheong for selling these at a fair price.

November 23. 2014

Ph. monteithi

New pictures in monteithi section

November 22. 2014

Giganteum male
My second third generation male turned sub-adult today
He had some problems moulting last time, but did a little better today.

November 14. 2014

Ph. monteithi

Until now only six have hatched
Four is alive and feeding on Syzygium australe.

November 12. 2014

Giganteum male
My first third generation male turned adult today
He will be joiuning a group of females in a couple of days.

September 5. 2014

Phyllium monteithi feeding

Monteithi nymphs are feeding on Guava
And Syzygium australe

August 29. 2014

Phyllium monteithi hatching
Today my first monteithi hatched
This is maybe the first outside Australia

August 23. 2014

Guava from Namibia
My Guava seeds imported from Namibia has started germinating
This should be good news for the guys who got seeds from me at the Roskilde fair

August 20. 2014

Ph. giganteum
First six eggs in new generation collectd

August 16. 2014

Roskilde Messe
Just returned from "Eksotiske Insekter's" fair in Roskilde
Great fair and I was 100% sold out in all species

August 10. 2014

Ph. giganteum
Updated graph for giganteum experiments
Graphs from studies

July 30. 2014

Ph. giganteum
I just spotted the first two males
This is third generation with males

July 15 2014

Ph. giganteum
First adult female in new generation
Soon eggs will be available for sale again

June 12. 2014

Ph. monteithi
30 eggs arrived today from Australia
Thanks to Jack Hasenpusch

May 18. 2014

Ph. bioculatum
First egg hatched today!

Roskildemessen 16 Aug

Husk Roskildemessen
Eksotiske Insekter

December 11th. 2013

Copenhagen ZOO
Now I am the proud supplier of giganteum for
Copenhagen ZOO
Thank you Eddie, for a nice back-stage tour!

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