Many sorts of bramble can be found in the nature, some are winter green an some not If you are cutting the bramble sticks in 50 cm lenght and keeping then in water in a light and cold place they will keep fresh for many weeks.

Raspberry leaf

Is accepted almost as well as bramblem it is easier to handle, due to lack of thornes. Available from August to October.


Many sorts available, The bush roses are some of the first spring food available in Denmark available from April to September. Be careful with cultured roses as they may be treeted with pesticides against insects


All sorts of oak seem to be accepted, available from May to September. But if you collect acorns in October you can easily grow your own oak trees.


Guava can easily be grown in pots, it is accepted by most Phylliums

A few tips:

Seeds can be taken directly from the fruit to germinate. Fresher is better.

I germinate the guave seeds in wet kitchen paper in a plastic bag at 30 C

I tried at lower temperature in my living room with no result.

When the seedlings are 4 to 5 cm high they must be re-potted.

Can easily be cut back and new branches grow.

Require sunlight and a lot of water.


Seeds into soil

Guava seeds

Guava grown on seeds from Namibia

Guava seeds ten days later

My Guava "Forest"

Grow oak from acorn

Collect acorns in September to October and grow them during winter.

Fill a box or pot with soil

Fill a box or pot with soil

Cover with plastic

Add the Acorns

After a month...

Water the soil

November 5th 2013

Six weeks after collecting acorns

Syzygium australe

I imported these from Australia to be ready to feed my Phyllium monteithi, The monteithi nymphs accept this food, other species may eat it as well but I'm keeping it for the monteithi at the moment.

Syzygium australe