Tips & Tricks

Limescale on the glass?

If you are spraying with hard water you will experince limescale on the glass surfaces of your vivarium. You can buy many chemical products to remove the limescale, but my experience is that half a citrus fruit does the job. It is a cheap and efficient solution and it leaves your vivarium clean and fresh smelling. Cut the fruit in two equal parts, use the half fruit as a cleaning brush, squize it a little to get more fruit juice om the glass, wait a feẃ munites before cleaning with clean water, dry the glass with a cloth and finaly remove the last moisture with a piece of kitchan paper to avoid stripes.

Limescale on glass

Wash with clean water


Dry with kitchen paper

Cleaning with lemon

Woodlice as garbage collectors?

If you are using cocos peet or other material in the bottom of your vivarium, it can be a good idea to add wood lice to keep it clean and avoid mould and unpleasant smell. Woodlice are easily found under stones or wood in gartens or forrest. Keep the bottom layer moisty or the woodlice will die.