Phyllium giganteum

Experiment 1

Isolating a single female from the day she moulted and maintain a jurnal of laid eggs

Eggs kept in separate hatching box and hatching box, and hatching nymphs counted and written into journal.

Hatching nymphs kept in terrarium to watch genetic variations in induvidual coming from one not fertilized female.

Temperature and humidity is not reccorded, but terrarium and hatching boxes are placed in my living room at 22-26 C. Eggs kept on kitchen tissue placed next to terrarium in clear plastic box and sprayed with water 2-3 times per week.


Day 0 - the yellow triangle indicates the day female moulted to adult.
Day 36 - first egg
Day 102 - Egg No. 84 (Last eg)
Day 129 - Female dies
Day 202 - First Nymph hatching
Day 320 - Nymph 72 is the larst nymph to hatch, Giving a hatching rate of 86%, and hatching time from 5.5 to 7.2 months

Important This experiment shows a very small variation in hatching time, but I have documented hatching time for giganteum at more than 13 months. Therefore I recommend not to give up on giganteum eggs before 24 monts.

Experiment 2

Giganteum Males - Are they fertile?

Four males and four females hept in isolation

Eggs collected and placed in separate hatching box

Hatching Nymphs kept in separate terrarium to see if males occour

My first six males dried - Two from 2012 and four from 2013

Giganteum mating

August 2014: I have spottet two males in my 2014 generation, both in my group exposed to males.

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